Understanding Insurance Bad Faith

The suffering caused by a serious injury or wrongful death is multiplied when an insurer wrongfully refuses to pay a claim. Robert G. Schock has extensive experience enforcing the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing that governs relationships between insurance companies and their policyholders.

Robert G. Schock represents injured people in first-party and third-party actions over coverage denials or delays, seeking full coverage and punitive damages where available. He has the knowledge and resources to analyze all policy terms to verify that coverage exists and to challenge attempts by insurers to downplay the damages caused by an injury.

Robert G. Schock handles cases arising out of failure to pay by life, automobile, health, property, disability and other insurance providers.


Robert G. Schock is a vigorous advocate for victims of insurance bad faith. Some notable case results include:

    U.S. DISTRICT COURT NO.: C 99-03371 WHO (Co-Counsel)

For additional information on Mr. Schock’s case results, see Latest Cases.

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