When Accidents Result In Spinal Cord Injuries

A brain injury or spinal cord injury suffered in an accident can leave the victim in a coma or permanently paralyzed — and the injured person’s family burdened emotionally and financially.

If an accident of this dimension, causing life-changing catastrophic injury, has happened to you or someone close to you … it’s their turn to pay! A skilled personal injury lawyer can take charge of the case and protect precious rights.

As your lawyer, Robert G. Schock is your fierce advocate when accidents alter lives and a lifetime of expensive medical treatment looms. The Law Offices of Robert G. Schock in Oakland speaks for your family’s interests from start to finish of the legal process.

Mr. Schock excels at investigation of these accidents and identification of negligent parties. He is equally proficient at bargaining with insurance companies toward a settlement that reflects the full range of a brain injury victim’s or spinal injury victim’s losses, including future earnings capacity.

Insurance Companies Have Excellent Representation. So Should You!

Any insurer that resists good faith negotiations in catastrophic injury claims cases does so at its peril. Robert G. Schock then turns his attention to how he can safeguard client interests in court. In addition to pursuing financial compensation for lost income, and current and future medical bills, he can push for punitive damages that reflect the injury victim’s pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.

Was your loved one’s brain or spinal cord injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident, on unsafe private or government property or while using a dangerous, defective product? Whatever the circumstances, the Law Offices of Robert G. Schock can help.

Experienced Northern California Attorney For Accident Victims Suffering Catastrophic Injury

When serious injury in an accident interrupts your life, or that of a loved one, contact Mr. Schock’s Oakland law offices at 510-922-0887 or by email. Initial consultations are free and can occur at a private home or hospital. Our law firm’s contingency fee policy means that no attorney fee is owed unless the case is won.