Helping You Understand Spinal Cord Injury Evaluations

If you think you may have incurred a spinal cord injury (SCI), you may be wondering what to do and what to expect. First, doctors will have to test and evaluate you to see whether in fact you have suffered a SCI.

Diagnostic Testing

Much of the initial testing can be done immediately, at the emergency room. Generally, it involves looking at your sensory function and movement and asking you questions about what led to the injury. However, if you have neck pain, you’re having trouble staying awake or you are exhibiting clear signs of weakness or neurological injury, the doctor may order emergency diagnostic tests.

Types Of Diagnostic Tests

Typically, diagnostic tests include:

  • X-rays: These show any tumors, fractures, degenerative changes or other problems in the vertebrae (spinal column).
  • CT scans: These tests use computers to form images of bone and disk problems that may be clearer than X-ray images.
  • MRIs: This test uses a magnetic field and radio waves to produce computer-generated images of the spinal cord and can identify herniated disks, blood clots and other masses.
  • Myelography: This test involves injecting dye into the spinal canal, which allows the doctor to see spinal nerves (and any potential damage) more clearly than other tests.

If after testing and evaluation it appears that you may have a spinal cord injury, your doctor may decide to recommend traction to immobilize your spine.

Additional Tests

Additional examination and diagnosis will happen several days after the initial injury, once the swelling in the injured area lessens. The additional testing generally involves a neurological exam, which tests your muscle strength and your ability to sense light touch and a pinprick. The neurological exam will determine the level and completeness of your injury.

Legal Help For Injured Parties

Sadly, many individuals suffer spinal cord injuries that often occur due to the negligence of another party. Maybe your injury occurred in an auto collision caused by a distracted or drunk driver or fatigued commercial truck driver. It could also have been caused by mechanical vehicle failure.

Whatever the situation, we have the experience to help you recover from negligent parties. If you have been injured, it’s their turn to pay. Attorney Robert Schock with the Law Offices of Robert G. Schock has helped many individuals obtain compensation for all types of spinal cord injuries. Find out how we can help you.

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