What to do after a bicycle collision

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Whether you cycle for transportation, exercise or leisure, you should know how to react if you are in a collision with a motorist.

Planning ahead allows you to take appropriate actions after an accident, helping you stay safe and protect your legal and financial interests.

What to do in the immediate aftermath

First, ensure your own safety by moving out of the road and away from any curbs to minimize further harm. If you or anyone else have serious injuries, you should contact emergency services as soon as possible. You should also call the police to obtain a report of the accident.

While you wait, avoid blaming the other party or taking responsibility for the collision. Instead, try to remain calm and polite as you exchange contact and insurance information. You can also use this time to take photographs of the accident, including any damage to your bicycle or other personal property.

Steps to take after reporting the accident

After you give your account of the accident to the police, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you do not think you have any injuries, visit a healthcare provider to assess your condition because some symptoms are not immediately evident. Furthermore, you should document any changes to your health as they occur.

In addition, you should keep any evidence from the accident, including your damaged bicycle and gear. A personal injury attorney can advise you on your legal options and help you handle conversations with insurance companies.

Experiencing a traffic collision is a stressful experience for any cyclist. Fortunately, taking the proper steps after your accident can help you obtain a fair outcome.

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