Can you get a severe burn from a car crash?

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Many people associate flaming car crashes with Hollywood blockbusters, but a fraction of those people have seen flaming wrecks in real life.

However, it is still something that happens – and perhaps it happens more frequently than you might think.

Causes of fires after a crash

Cars essentially exist as a fireball waiting to happen. Due to the electrical components and highly combustible parts like the gas and the high heat of the engine, all it really takes is a crash for some part to spark and catch fire. Unfortunately, this can result in some serious burn injuries.

Temple Health discusses the severity of burn injuries. The most severe burns are third-degree burns, with second degree falling between that and the mildest burns, first degree.

Most likely, in a car crash that involves fire, a victim will suffer from second or even third-degree burns. These burns can have an immediate and frightening impact on the victim’s health, as well as repercussions that last years or even a lifetime.

Second- and third-degree burns

Second-degree burns involve at least two layers of the skin and often come along with blisters and extreme amounts of pain. Victims may end up infected via open wounds if they do not get quick medical treatment.

Third-degree burns can involve all layers of tissue and may even affect the bone and muscle. Victims may not feel pain due to nerve damage, and the intensity of these burns can send a victim into shock. Both types of burns require immediate medical care.

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