Did A Surgery Leave You Injured And Disabled?

Surgical errors, birth injury and failure to diagnose cancer amount to medical negligence that can change and end lives.

If a hospital surgeon failed to adhere to the standard of care when operating on you or a loved one — betraying your trust in a health care system that should be protecting you — Robert G. Schock can help.

Robert G. Schock has 50 years of experience as a lawyer, proven skills, dedication to your rights and personal service that restores your confidence. He is a fierce advocate for the rights of those victimized by medical negligence of all kinds, including surgical mistakes.

When the wrong limb is removed, a surgical tool is left inside of a patient or surrounding nerves are damaged in an operation, the victim of this negligence can pursue maximum financial compensation from an insurance company. The Law Offices of Robert G. Schock investigates thoroughly, negotiates skillfully and, if necessary, litigates aggressively to safeguard the interests of clients who suffer losses at the hands of careless surgeons.

Insurance companies have excellent representation. So should you! Please do not assume that a doctor or hospital is too powerful to pursue legal action against when medical malpractice causes new injury and worsens your condition. Learn more about the many ways our law firm can help by contacting us.

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