The Visible And Invisible Scars Associated With Dog Bites

Injury from dog bites can result in complicated litigation due to overlapping laws and filing multiple suits through different channels simultaneously. Depending on the negligence of the dog owner and the history of the dog's behavior, a dog bite victim may have to deal with civil, criminal and administrative laws, which are further compounded by specific city and county ordinances.

California, in particular, is a state that supports statutory strict liability which applies rigorous responsibility to the dog's owners who are liable for any injuries sustained no matter if they are found to be negligent or not. This law is in place to protect other potential victims from the same fate due to an irresponsible animal owner.

Victims of dog bites have many recourses of action at their disposal. They are able to file for monetary compensation from the dog's owner for pain and suffering, and reimbursement for any medical expenses incurred. Should the dog bite be due to express negligence on the dog owner's part, or if the dog owner deliberately prompted the attack, criminal charges can also be filed. In addition, the dog owner may be charged for violating local and state statutes such as leash laws and trespass laws.

Oakland-based attorney Robert G. Schock has experience handling personal injury litigation due to dog bite injuries and the knowledge you deserve in navigating all applicable laws. Mr. Schock has successfully represented victims throughout California who have suffered needlessly due to the actions of irresponsible owners of dangerous dogs. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog in Alameda County, please contact our office today to set up a consultation to discuss the proper course of legal action.