Why You Need A Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

The AV-Preeminent rated Law Offices of Robert G. Schock has a record of success representing injured clients in spinal cord and catastrophic injury cases throughout Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area and all over the nation.

Why do I need a spinal cord or catastrophic personal injury lawyer and how do I choose one?

When dealing with spinal cord injury, or SCI, it is important to consult with an attorney who has specific expertise in catastrophic injuries or SCI and not solely general personal injury experience. Catastrophic injuries are more likely to cause long-term or permanent damages that should be considered when arguing for and awarding monetary compensation. An SCI attorney will understand the myriad of factors involved in developing a comprehensive life care plan that can address these damages, including continuing healthcare and the possibility of future complications arising from injuries, home care assistance, psychological treatments, and the physical and emotional costs associated with these necessities. Furthermore, a personal injury lawyer who maintains a special focus on SCI should have the expertise to communicate the extent of these injuries and costs to all of the relevant parties, from large insurance companies to individual jury members.

A good SCI attorney should know when to be an aggressive litigator, vigorously advocating on the client's behalf, and when to utilize persuasive negotiations, such as with an insurance company. Many spinal cord and other catastrophic injury cases require an injured party to have substantial dealings with insurance companies, so it is beneficial to retain an attorney who has significant experience in that area. Robert G. Schock served for many years as an attorney representing insurance companies, which gives him insight into the tactics insurers utilize and their goals in settling or defending a case. His understanding of what motivates insurance companies gives him insight into how to proceed at each step of his client's case.

When choosing an experienced SCI lawyer, it is very important to consider his or her record of success. While results cannot be guaranteed, an attorney should have proven results in many other cases involving the same or similar types of injuries. A record of success demonstrates that the attorney understands the relevant issues and how to communicate them to a jury or other fact finder during trial or through negotiated settlements. Robert G. Shock has the experience and skill to obtain results for clients, as evidenced by his noteworthy record of successes. He provides each client with personalized attention, guaranteeing that an inexperienced underling will not be arguing important facts before a jury or insurance provider. Contact the Law Offices of Robert G. Schock for a free case evaluation to determine whether or not you may have a claim.