If You've Been Injured, It's Their Turn To Pay!

Insurance companies are often involved with personal injury claims. They have excellent representation on their side. So should you!

Helping Injured Individuals Recover What They’ve Lost

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Are you struggling – financially, physically, emotionally – with the painful aftermath of a violent motor vehicle accident, careless physician, property injury or dog bite?

You don’t have to. You have rights and can pursue compensation to recover what you’ve lost. Let us help you recover what you’ve lost through no fault of your own.

Decades Of Experience Handling A Wide Range Of Personal Injury Cases For Northern California

With our office located in Oakland, CA, the team at Law Offices of Robert G. Schock has helped many individuals who have suffered unnecessary catastrophic injuries due to negligent drivers, dog bites, careless doctors, slip and falls, and hazardous products recover the compensation they need to get back on their feet.

What Sets Our Firm Apart

To get maximum compensation, you need a lawyer with the right expertise. Here’s what sets the Law Offices of Robert G. Schock apart from competitors.

  • Decades of experience: Founding attorney Robert G. Schock has over 50 years of experience helping individuals just like you.
  • In-depth knowledge of the law: Robert G. Schock has handled countless cases and has an in-depth knowledge of the laws, rules and procedures needed to successfully win.
  • Familiarity with investigative techniques: The legal team has a thorough knowledge of how to investigate and uncover important information as to the cause of your personal injury.
  • Extensive negotiation skills: Robert G. Schock has negotiated with many different insurance companies. He knows how to combat their tactics and strategies to recover for his clients.
  • Attentive personal service: You can be assured that you will receive personalized attention and guidance throughout every stage of your case.
  • Successful track record: Our firm has obtained many successful verdicts, settlements and awards for injured parties involved in many different situations.

Insurance Companies Have Excellent Representation. So Should You!

He can provide the advocacy you need. Insurance companies that are often involved with a personal injury claim have excellent legal representation and resources at their disposal. So should you.

Call 510-922-0887 to schedule a free consultation to talk about your injury and types of potential compensation you could recover. Feel free to also send an email message to Robert.